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April 3, 2024 | Probus

Probus Smart Things: Pioneering the Future with $3 Million Series A Funding


In a remarkable milestone for the technology industry, Probus Smart Things, an innovative player in the IoT Communications and data analytics space, has recently raised $3 million in a Series A funding round. This significant financial boost marks a new chapter in the company’s journey, paving the way for groundbreaking advancements and expansion. This blog post delves into the story of Probus Smart Probus Smart Things: Pioneering the Future with $3 Million Series A Funding2Things, exploring the factors that led to this successful funding, the company’s ambitious plans for the future, and the opportunities this presents for both new talent and B2B enterprise customers.

The Journey of Innovation

Founded by visionary entrepreneur Anand Singh, Probus Smart Things has been at the forefront of technological innovation in utility services. The company’s journey is a testament to the power of integrating hardware and software solutions to revolutionize utility management. With a focus on digitizing distribution grids, Probus Smart Things offers clear, real-time visibility into network operations through its state- of-the-art IoT platform.

A Strategic Leap Forward: The $3 Million Funding

This recent infusion of $3 million, led by Unicorn India Ventures (UIV) and a family office from the US, is not just a financial milestone but a vote of confidence in the vision and potential of Probus Smart Things. The round also witnessed participation from existing investors, cementing the company’s standing in the tech startup ecosystem. The funding is earmarked for key areas of growth, including product R&D, team expansion, and enhancing Go-To-Market partnerships, setting the stage for a new era of innovation and market presence.

Future Roadmap: Plans for Growth and Expansion

Probus Smart Things is not resting on its laurels. The company has bold plans for using the Series A funds. Over the next 18 to 24 months, they aim to grow revenues by 6X and double their team size. This rapid expansion is underpinned by impressive past performance, including an eight-fold revenue growth and achieving profitability at the PAT level. Furthermore, the company plans to broaden its reach, with over half a million smart meters already deployed in four geographies and plans to expand further in India and launch operations in the MENA and SEA regions.

Impacting the Tech Ecosystem

The success of Probus Smart Things is a beacon for the broader tech startup ecosystem. Their achievements in revenue growth and profitability are not just numbers; they are a narrative of a company making real, tangible impacts in the tech world. With their recent venture into the solar sector, they are set to disrupt traditional energy management systems, having already bagged their first major order for a 78MW solar plant.

Join Our Team: A Call to Innovators

As Probus Smart Things embarks on this exciting new phase, they are looking for passionate and innovative individuals to join their team. The company offers a dynamic work environment, where creativity and collaboration are not just encouraged but are the bedrock of their culture. For those looking to make a mark in the tech industry and contribute to groundbreaking projects, Probus Smart Things presents an unparalleled opportunity.

Partnering for Success: Inviting B2B Enterprise Collaborations

This is also a clarion call to B2B enterprises. Probus Smart Things is actively seeking partnerships and collaborations that can benefit from their advanced IoT and analytics solutions. With a track record of successful deployments and a clear vision for the future, the company is poised to be an invaluable partner for businesses looking to enhance their technology capabilities.


The $3 million Series A funding is more than a financial milestone for Probus Smart Things; it is a testament to their innovation, resilience, and vision. As the company looks forward to expanding its team and forging new B2B partnerships, it stands as a shining example of what can be achieved in the tech startup world. For those aspiring to join this journey, whether as team members or business partners, the doors are open, and the possibilities are endless.

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